A Guide to Choosing the Right ID Badges for Your Organization

Customized Plastic ID Badges for All Your Needs

With the advancements of technology, security systems have also become more sophisticated. One of those security protocols are customized plastic ID badges that are used to identify people in specific locations. With the help of these easy-to-use and secure tools, businesses can protect their staff, assets, and customers from unauthorized access. Whether you're operating a large business or a small business, ID badges offer various benefits for your organization.

Having a set of plastic ID badges for your staff will help you prevent any unwanted intrusions, by keeping a record of everyone that enters and exits your premises. This will ensure that only the necessary personnel are onsite, increasing the level of security and safety. Additionally, having ID badges makes it easier for employees to move around the facility, without having to worry about being stopped by security the whole time.

Moreover, ID badges are also helpful with branding, as they allow your employees to easily identify themselves to anyone who approaches them regarding a specific company or brand. This also contributes in creating a professional image of your company amongst your colleagues, co-workers, or clients.

  • Customizable: You'll be able to design your own unique badge in order to cater to your preferences. You can also include company logos and taglines on them.
  • Secure: These cards are made of plastic, making them durable and extremely difficult to reproduce.
  • Cost-effective: Most plastic ID badge companies offer discounts for bulk orders. This makes it easy to get more cards for less money.

Plastic ID badges come in different shapes and sizes. The most common ones are card IDs, which are used in employee identification. Other popular types include Proximity ID cards for access control systems, Magnetic stripe cards for point-of-sale systems, and RFID cards for location tracking.

Some of the most common mistakes people make when using Plastic ID Badges are not storing the cards in a secure location, sharing them with unauthorized personnel, or losing them. It's important to keep your cards secure, and if one is lost, immediately inform the security personnel and get a new one issued.

The best practices for using Plastic ID Badges include keeping them secure in a safe place, not sharing them with unauthorized personnel, and ensuring that all the information printed in them is accurate and up-to-date. Additionally, making sure that they are properly scanned and checked when using access control systems is also very important.

Walmart uses custom-designed oil-resistant plastic ID badges to ensure employee and customer safety, as well as to facilitate daily operations. These cards are secured with a personal identification number (PIN) and are used to identify staff and check their credentials. This system also allows customers to easily identify which employees they can talk to regarding their queries or complaints.

Microsoft uses magnetic cards to track the attendance of its employees. These cards have an embedded chip that's secured by the employee's name and unique identification number. The system records when the employee enters and leaves the premises, making it easier to keep track of attendance.

Plastic ID badges are a great way to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to a certain area, protect your staff and assets, and create a professional brand image with your customers. Whether you're running a large or small business, custom-designed plastic ID badges can be a great tool to ensure a higher level of security around your premises.