Reinvent Your Professional Image with Custom Plastic Business Card Printing

The Many Benefits of Plastic Business Card Printing

Plastic business cards are an eye-catching accessory when rising in the corporate field that is often overlooked. Plastic business cards provide a unique and memorable first impression and if crafted correctly can provide something that no other medium can. High-end, full-color printing on plastic allows for the exact replication of graphics, images, and logos to give your business card something special. To help with the decision making process of choosing to print cards on plastic, it is helpful to understand the various benefits a plastic business card provides.

Plastic business cards are an important part of a successful business. Not only do they provide a professional look and feel to your business, they are also incredibly durable and able to withstand wear and tear for longer than traditional paper cards.

Unlike paper cards, plastic cards are resistant to fading, tearing, curling and warping. The glossy finish of a plastic card also helps that colors remain vibrant and attractive for an extended time, providing for a longer-lasting impact on the recipient. Other advantages to high-end printing on plastic are the customization options it offers, as it can be cut into any size or shape and can be embossed with logos and text for an extra impressive touch.

Plastic cards come in any shape and size. They can be printed with any logo or design, making it easy to create a striking first impression. The glossy finish looks and feels unique, and when combined with full-color, high-quality printing, plastic cards create an unforgettable wow factor.

Plastic business cards provide easy-to-read contact information. The cards are also waterproof, heat, and oil resistant, allowing them to stay pristine for a much longer period of time. This is one of the greatest advantages of printing on plastic, as it eliminates the need to constantly reprint or reorder cards. More importantly, this helps create an image of stability and portrays a lasting and memorable impression.

  • High-end, full-color printing
  • Unique, stylish design
  • Vibrant colors and glossy finish
  • Customizable shape and size
  • Embossing opportunities for logos or text
  • Waterproof, heat and oil resistant
  • Easy-to-read contact information
  • Longer-lasting impact

Full-color printing on plastic provides stunningly high-quality graphics, logos, and images that are difficult to reproduce with traditional paper business cards. The unique glossy finish also provides a lasting impression on the recipient. For larger businesses or those looking to portray a long-lasting and professional image, plastic business cards give them an edge over their competitors. Not only that, but less of a need to reorder business cards saves both time and money.


  • Unique design and finish
  • Vibrant and durable colors
  • Customizable shapes and sizes
  • Embossable logos and text
  • Waterproof, heat and oil resistant
  • Easy-to-read contact information
  • Longer-lasting impact


  • More expensive than traditional paper cards
  • Technically demanding printing process

A prominent example of the success of plastic business cards is almost twenty years ago when Bank of America released their new line of Visa cards. They brought in high-end printing services to create cards that were more durable and capable of lasting longer with repeated use. By leveraging plastic cards, Bank of America set a new standard for the card industry and continues to be a powerful influence.

Another example that has withstood the test of time is the Japanese airline, All Nippon Airways. By Chinese New Year of 2004, ANA produced their new line of plastic cards with embedded RFID chips. The cards worked in sync with their new airport RFID reader systems, granting customers seamless access to the airport lounge and other areas. The combination of the plastic cards and RFID reader further cemented the airline's innovative appeal among its customers for years to come.

Q: What are the advantages of plastic business cards over traditional paper cards?

A: Plastic business cards are more durable and long-lasting than traditional paper cards. Plastic is also waterproof, heat, and oil resistant, ensuring that colors remain vibrant and attractive for an extended time. Plastic cards can also be embossed or cut into any size or shape, allowing for more customization possibilities.

Q: Are plastic cards more expensive than paper cards?

A: Yes, plastic cards are more expensive than traditional paper cards, however, they are a worthy investment as they will last longer and provide a much edgier, professional feel compared to paper cards.

One of the most common mistakes made with plastic cards is trying to do too much with them. Too many colors, too many logos, or too many shapes or designs can detract from the overall look and feel of the card. It is always best to keep plastic cards as simple as possible.

Another mistake people make is neglecting to properly care for their cards. Plastic cards should be kept clean and stored properly to avoid damage or discoloration.

The best way to maximize the life and look of plastic cards is to use only full-color, high-quality printing. This will ensure that the company logo and contact information remain vibrant, attractive, and legible. It is also important to keep the design of plastic cards as simple as possible. Too much clutter can cause the card to become overwhelming and difficult to read.

Lastly, it is important to store plastic cards properly. Keeping them in a cool, dry place will ensure they last much longer than paper cards.

Plastic business cards offer a unique opportunity to create an eye-catching design that is sure to leave a lasting impression on potential customers and partners. With the ability to customize size, shape, and finish, plastic business cards can be an effective way to promote a business. Benefits of printing on plastic include long-lasting colors, waterproof, heat and oil resistant materials, as well as the capability to create an image of stability. However, while plastic business cards are more durable than paper cards, they are more expensive. When creating plastic cards, it is important to keep the design simple and to properly store them.