How to Get the Most Out of Your Gift Card - Shopping Smartly with Gift Cards

Introduction to Plastic Gift Cards

Electronic gift cards, also known as plastic gift cards or virtual gift cards, offer a convenient and enhanced way to give and receive gifts. Plastic gift cards allow gift-givers to present a gift to the recipient electronically, without having to purchase and mail a traditional gift card. For the recipient, they offer the freedom and control to buy what they want, when they want it.

The biggest benefit of gift cards is convenience. They are easy to purchase, store, and redeem. For the giver, all they need to do is purchase the card online or at a local store. For the receiver, they are easy to use as long as they have a valid email address on file.

Gift cards also offer recipients the freedom to spend their gift on the item of their choice, as long as it is within the retailer's accepted payment methods. This allows gift givers to present a gift that will truly be appreciated by the recipient, and that matches their interests and preferences.

Plastic gift cards are also considered more secure than traditional gift cards, as they are less likely to be lost or stolen. Additionally, if a physical gift card is lost or stolen, it is often difficult to replace it. With electronic gift cards, the funds can simply be transferred to a new card.

  • Convenient and simple to send and receive
  • Recipient can spend the gift on what they desire
  • More secure than traditional gift cards
  • Flexible if lost or stolen

  • Retailer must have online presence for electronic gift card redemption
  • Recipient must have valid email address
  • Funds have expiration date

According to a survey of local retailers, plastic gift cards are becoming increasingly popular among gift-givers. The survey found that the majority of respondents prefer plastic gift cards to traditional gift cards, as they are easier to store and have less of a risk of becoming lost or stolen. Additionally, the recipients of plastic gift cards reported being pleased with their flexibility and an increased ability to purchase the items they truly wanted.

An online retailer found that offering plastic gift cards increased the amount of money spent on their site. When customers had the convenience of purchasing plastic cards directly from their website, they tended to spend more than they intended to. The ease of purchase and delivery of the card, as well as the recipient's ability to purchase whatever they desired with the funds, made the gift card an appealing option.

You can purchase plastic gift cards online from the issuing retailer, or at a local store.

Yes, plastic gift cards are considered more secure than traditional gift cards, as they are less likely to be lost or stolen.

Yes, plastic gift cards typically have an expiration date for the balance on the card.

Be sure to read the terms and conditions of the card before purchasing, as some cards may have additional fees or restrictions that can reduce the card's value. Additionally, read the expiration date on the card and pass that information on to the recipient. Finally, be sure that the recipient's email address is valid in order for them to receive the card.

When using plastic gift cards, it is important to use a reputable retailer. Be sure to check the terms and conditions of the card before purchase, to ensure that there are no surprise fees or restrictions. Additionally, be sure to pass along the expiration date to the recipient. Finally, when possible, opt for virtual delivery of the card, as it cuts down on waste and is the safest way to ensure that the gift recipient can access the card.

Plastic gift cards offer a convenient and secure way to give and receive gifts. They offer the gift-giver the convenience of purchase and the recipient the freedom to purchase what they really desire. With the proper research and caution, plastic gift cards can be an ideal gift-giving option.